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Infinite Pillar Acupuncture & Nei Gong

We apply the centuries-old holistic knowledge of Chinese Medicine to help you heal and be truly well.

Health & Wellness Services

Holistic Medicine Denver CO

Rediscover Your Wellness

For thousands of years, acupuncture, as well as other key practices within the scope of Chinese Medicine, has brought healing to people in need. 

We draw on the wisdom of these ancient traditions to bring you relief from pain, assistance with recovery from your injuries, reduced stress, and more. 

Acupressure Denver CO

Serving Your Community

Denver CO Acupuncture Specialists

Our Facility in Northglenn

For the past 20 years, we’ve provided refreshing, restorative acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to Northglenn, Westminster, Broomfield, and surrounding areas in Adams and Weld counties.

Infinite Pillar Acupuncture Denver CO

Serving North Denver

Our current location offers us a peaceful vantage point just North of Denver from which we can promote healthful lives, effective healing, and true wellness for the Denver community.

Remote Alternatives

For those who cannot easily reach us, are time-constrained, or are minimizing their visits due to safety concerns, we offer virtual consultations. Call us now for more info!

Just wanted to thank you for continuing to help me feel better. I strongly believe you were instrumental in helping me become pregnant. Your ability to see what is needed and how I am feeling just amazes me.
Katie Kelly Smith
Westminster, CO
Scott is an extremely capable and experienced therapist. I would highly recommend him for any health problem you are facing. He has a great bedside manner and you will enjoy his personality and working with him.
Samuel Cullison
Denver, CO
Scott is without a doubt, a natural healer, the passion and energy that he puts in every visit are remarkable. I advise to everyone who needs to heal off any illness, to visit Scott Malone.
Marcelo Rainero
Denver, CO