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About Us

For decades we’ve been supporting and improving the health of our clients on every level, from the physical to the emotional and beyond.

What is the Infinite Pillar?

In Taoist philosophy, “Man resides between Heaven and Earth,” or “Tien Ren Di” in Chinese.

The Infinite Pillar is the connection between Heaven Man and Earth, but not only is it the connection, it is the vehicle and vessel through which the heavenly qi (vital internal energy) descends to earth, and through which the earthly qi ascends to heaven.

Man is the vessel through which Heaven and Earth are balanced.

Treating the Root Cause

In our Western society we have a bad habit of treating the symptoms of an ailment instead of treating the ailment that causes the symptoms.

The treatments and services provided at Infinite Pillar focus on both relief from the symptoms in the short term and freedom from ailments and afflictions in the long term.

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A Word From The Founder

“Hello, my name is R. Scott Malone and I’ve been practicing Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine for somewhere around 23 years now. 

They say that when you first are learning Tai Qi that you learn the movements and practice, and as you practice, at some point the form itself starts teaching you the secrets of the art.  I feel the same way about my practice, Infinite Pillar.  Every patient teaches me something and my knowledge and skill gets a little deeper and I’m able to help a little more. 

I have immense gratitude for all of the people I have been privileged to work with and on over the years; theirs is the wisdom and skill I bring to the work.”


T’ai Institute of Oriental Medicine outside of Orlando, Florida.

This program included instruction in Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, and Chinese Massage.

R. Scott Malone has been in private practice since 1998.

Certification & Licensure

Certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

Licensed by the State of Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies; licensed acupuncturist.

Licensed by the State of Florida as an Acupuncture Physician (inactive).

Our Facility

Welcome to Infinite Pillar Acupuncture and Neigong!  We hope you find the clinic welcoming and comfortable, the place where ancient traditions address the issues that the modern world presents.

The Eastern-inspired architecture of the property is the ideal home for our authentic services, and the indoor and outdoor seating provide pleasant opportunities to gather onself before and after a session.

During your session, we’ll supply calming music and sounds, blankets, and more to make sure you have the most rejuvenating experience possible. 

Just wanted to thank you for continuing to help me feel better. I strongly believe you were instrumental in helping me become pregnant. Your ability to see what is needed and how I am feeling just amazes me.
Katie Kelly Smith
Westminster, CO
Scott is an extremely capable and experienced therapist. I would highly recommend him for any health problem you are facing. He has a great bedside manner and you will enjoy his personality and working with him.
Samuel Cullison
Denver, CO
Scott is without a doubt, a natural healer, the passion and energy that he puts in every visit are remarkable. I advise to everyone who needs to heal off any illness, to visit Scott Malone.
Marcelo Rainero
Denver, CO