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North Denver Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

We offer herbal treatments, acupuncture, acupressure, and holistic health treatments for Denver, Colorado and surrounding communities.

Health & Wellness Services

Over 20 Years As Denver’s Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Specialist

Needle Acupuncture Denver CO
Denver Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Located in the 80234 zip code, we offer some of the best chinese acupuncture in Denver!

For over 20 years, we’ve supported Colorado communities in and around Denver by helping people lead healthier lives and free themselves from suffering.

We’ve helped our patients recover from issues ranging from substance addiction to infertility, muscle aches to migraines. 

As Denver and the rest of Colorado continue to discover new challenges of living in modern times, we remain dedicated to helping our clients return to a state of true health and balance through our local Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. 

Treatments & Relief for Fast-Paced City Living


Big cities like Denver can make a person feel small and confined.  Open up and reconnect to your inner self.

Infertility & Pregnancy

City life can make it even more difficult to deal with infertility issues, male or female.  Return to a natural state of health with acupuncture and herbs to help your body do what it was designed to do.

Insomnia & Sleep Cycle Regulation

Light pollution, noise pollution, long work days and lively nights all contribute over time to imbalances and unhealthy irregularity in sleep cycles.

Anxiety & PTSD

The world is moving faster and faster, leaving less time to process our experiences and making it more difficult to experience the present moment.  city life is the peak of this fast-paced lifestyle, and necessitates relief.

Relief From Persistent Negativity

The human spirit was not meant to exist confined within a maze of gray walls, asphalt, and mechanical sound.  Lift your spirits and reconnect.”

Root & Branch” Treatment

Trade your pills and stressful schedule for restorative acupuncture and traditional herbs.  When your body is well at the root, the branches will too be healthy.

Menstrual Cycle Regulation

The fast life doesn’t always leave time for a woman to tend to their bodies and nurture their feminine nature.  We’ll help you make that time and facilitate natural wellness for your feminine nature.


The city can be an overstimulating place, especially for those with migraines.  We provide acupuncture and herbal treatements specifically targeting the short and long term effects of migraine. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Modern Life

From Chinese herbal treatments to the ages old practice of Nei Gong, we offer the people of Denver Chinese Medicine that is authentic, effective, and affordable!

Helping Denver Overcome Stress, Depression, and Anxiety

When it comes to stress relief Denver is very much in need!  Fortunately, we have the expertise and mastery to provide affordable and effective relief from the many ails of modern living.

Acupuncture has been shown to be have a positive effect on not only stress, but depression and anxiety as well.  In populous, exciting areas like Denver, anxiety and depression run rampant and we are thrilled to be able to provide relief from these conditions.

Call us now to see how can help you lead a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Remote Alternatives

For those who cannot easily reach us, are time-constrained, or are minimizing their visits due to safety concerns, we offer virtual consultations. Call us now for more info!

Just wanted to thank you for continuing to help me feel better. I strongly believe you were instrumental in helping me become pregnant. Your ability to see what is needed and how I am feeling just amazes me.
Katie Kelly Smith
Westminster, CO
Scott is an extremely capable and experienced therapist. I would highly recommend him for any health problem you are facing. He has a great bedside manner and you will enjoy his personality and working with him.
Samuel Cullison
Denver, CO
Scott is without a doubt, a natural healer, the passion and energy that he puts in every visit are remarkable. I advise to everyone who needs to heal off any illness, to visit Scott Malone.
Marcelo Rainero
Denver, CO