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Nei Gong & Energy Work

Promote wellness in not just your body, but on all levels of your being with our powerful Nei Gong energetic practice.

What Is Nei Gong?

A Simple Definition

Nei Gong is a technique whereby the patient’s meridians or channels and the acupuncture points are activated by touch instead of being needled.

Nei Gong, “nay-gong”, consists of two words: Nei, meaning internal or inner, and “Gong”  meaning work, cultivated over time. Nei Gong is all internal, not requiring any postures, movements, or needles.  This practice still works through affecting the Qi and meridians like standard acupuncture, but it has a much more internal focus.

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Qi and the Meridians

Qi is the bio-electrical life force of the body. It comes from our parents, the food and drink we ingest, and the air we breathe. Qi travels in the body through a series of interconnected pathways that travel both close to the surface and deeper within the body we call meridians, or channels, which make up the electrical system of the body.

Nei Gong Applications

Constitutional Health

The constitutional health of your body is dependent upon the dynamic equilibrium of the body at all levels. This is balance and balance is health. Neigong brings balance to the energetic, electrical body that underpins the physical body and thus health. The physical body can not be balanced and healthy without the crucial balance of the energetic body.

Elemental Balancing

The Five Elements that constitute the body are related to both organ systems and emotions. By bringing about a living equilibrium in these elements, both the mental/emotional and physical bodies are brought into a dynamic peace and balance.

Increased Flow of Qi & Qi Regulation

Imbalance and sickness or discomfort both emotional and physical are most often the result of an imbalance in the qi or energy of the body. This can be caused by an internal/personal reason or the external environment. Neigong can bring balance and invigoration to both body and mind through the regulation of this energetic system.

Relief From Persistent Negativity

One of the consistent benefits from both acupuncture and nei gong is a consistent sense of relief and well being. Patients very often report feeling “lighter” or that is feels like “a load has been lifted”.

Treatment On A Deeper Level

Nei Gong’s proper application goes way beyond reducing discomfort or pain – it helps address the energetic and internal imbalances that create these same problems over time.

“If You Didn’t Feel It, It Didn’t Happen.”

Some people think energy work requires imagination, or worse, gullibility – but they’re wrong. 

At Infinite Pillar, we believe that if you didn’t feel something, it didn’t happen.  When done correctly, our time-tested Nei Gong practices offer real experiences, real sensation, and very real healing.

We would much rather hear you tell us “I don’t feel it” so we can make the necessary adjustments instead of “yeah, I think I can almost feel something” to be nice.

Don’t worry about our feelings.  We have real benefits to offer, and we want you to feel what real healthiness is, not just be able to imagine it or pretend it’s there.

What to Expect

For the patient there is a visceral sensation of Qi, or energy, filling the body and then the sensation of meridian lines and the organ, “lighting up”. For most people this feels like a strong electrical, warm or tingling sensation.  Some people require a couple of sessions to begin to feel the proper flow and accumulation of Qi, but for others it can be fairly immediate.

Our standard sessions are roughly an hour as with our acupuncture sessions, as you can accomplish quite a bit in that amount of time.  However, we are flexible when it comes to meeting individual needs and are happy to make reasnobale adjustments.

You should be able to feel it as a real, physical sensation.  For some it may feel like tingling, or “electricity,” but no matter how it feels, you should feel it.  Once Nei Gong has helped facilitate the proper flow and presence of Qi, you will likely notice a sense of general well-being that carries over to your everyday life.

There is no specific requirement for any kind of preparation for Nei Gong, as we are interacting directly with a body of energy and not with any conscious functions so to speak.  That said, you may wish to practice calming and relaxing breathing techniques as well as body awareness; breath is vitally important to Qi and a developed mind-body connection can give you a much deeper experience.